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Services we offer

We’ll always help you determine what is best for you. We have over 20 years of financial investment experience, hands-on tax experience to help you reduce tax implications, and the heartfelt desire to help you succeed. We offer you a friendly, professional, and self-motivated staff who enjoy working with people of all ages and backgrounds to attain their financial goals. We want to provide you an enjoyable and rewarding experience with us.


Business Hours:

By appointment only; for in-person or zoom meetings.


Retirement Planning

Do you need help with 401(k), 403(b) or IRA rollovers? We can help. Your retirement plan is much too important to take a chance. Whether you are just getting started or have saved for retirement already, we work with you to tailor solutions for an accumulation and distribution plan just for you – then help you stay “on course”.

Personal Financial Planning

Consultation to determine future goals and the time frame to meet those goals, within your risk tolerance for investments. May also include debt management and personal budgeting. This can be a one-time process or may include monitoring your plan over time to stay on course.

Consultation Planning

Professional consultation to discuss specific financial needs and/or to determine goals, including the next steps to take to reach those goals.

Investment Portfolio Design

Analysis of current investment portfolios to assess whether they are in alignment with financial goals, risk tolerance, and diversity.

Business Advisory Services

Help for small and medium-sized business owners with employee benefits, day- to-day operational management, human resource matters, inventory management, and budgeting, as well as determining and implementing policies and procedures to enhance profitability. Talk through ideas and get practical, customized advice that will help.

Business Retirement Plans

Find the best retirement plan for your business and employees, including 401(k), 403(b), SEP and SIMPLE plans. We can also bring a current, “stale” plan back to life by performing a review. Both businesses and employees can receive tax benefits at the same time to help them fund some of their contributions.

Business Succession Planning

Consultation and implementation services for business owners to plan for the continuation of their company in the event of their death or disability. Who will step into your place and oversee duties? How will you or your family be paid for the business, and how much? Whether you are a sole practitioner, partner, or a principal in your own corporation, you need to have the plan in place that will make life easier for your business, its employees, your customers, you, and your family.

Life Insurance

Consultation to determine amount of life insurance coverage needed to take care of loved ones and debts in the event of your death. This includes a Life Insurance Audit of currently held policies to determine whether they meet your needs and manage your budget for insurance premiums.

Long-Term Care Insurance and Planning

Planning for care needed during retirement or disability to allow medical and financial professionals to care for your day-to-day needs and your family to enjoy being and visiting with you as you age.

Disability Insurance

Consultation to determine needs for long-term or short-term disability insurance coverage. This is a must for self-employed individuals and those whose employer does not provide benefits.

Income Tax Planning

In depth income tax planning specific to your own situation by a CPA with many years of experience. Includes tax advice for itemized deductions, self-employed businesses, tax advice in a year with large capital gains, corporations, partnerships, like-kind exchanges, charitable remainder trusts, Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds, and more.

Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created a new tax deferral tool for taxpayers who have high capital gains. With our experience in selling these funds over the past year and depth of experience with income tax planning and preparation, we can help you determine quickly whether this is an investment that would help you meet your tax and financial goals. If so, we can help you choose from a number of QOZ Funds that are available with a potential for diversity as well.

Churches/Non-profit Advisory Planning

The design and implementations of budgeting, financial, employee benefit, and retirement plans for churches and non-profit organizations.